Prenatal Preparation Course for Pregnant Mothers (6 sessions)

360,00 (inc. 21% VAT)

Prepare your toolkit to thrive as a family: learn practical skills, tailored to your unique situation, to deal with the emotional and mental challenges of parenthood.

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Grow Parents’ Prenatal Course is facilitated by specialized mental-health professionals and experts in the perinatal field. This preparative course brings moms-to-be together to share doubts, expectations and experiences while learning skills and tools to be prepared for all the wonders and challenges of becoming a mother.

The Prenatal Preparation Course will help you:

  • Create awareness of your current expectations, needs and wishes
  • Prepare yourself with a personalised plan to deal with the overwhelm and newness of becoming a parent (again)
  • Learn tools to take care of your own needs and your family’s overall well-being while taking care of your new baby
  • Understand the unexpected factors of adding a new baby to the family and discover how to constructively deal with them
  • Adopt strategies to nurture your existing relationships while building a new one with your baby


Let us help you prepare to become a mom that sincerely enjoys motherhood.