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Nurture to grow

Prenatal Course to prepare Pregnant Parents for the real and uncensored postpartum experience.

Join other expecting parents and perinatal professionals to learn uniquely tailored tools and empowering personalised skills that stimulate the emotional well-being of the whole family.

preparing for the arrival of your baby is different than you might think

If you feel unsure about how your life is going to change as a parent and how it will affect your family’s happiness, this prenatal course is just what you need.

It is very likely that you, an expectant parent, are scrolling the internet and asking your friends and family for tips and tricks to prepare your home for the arrival of the baby. You might be looking for the most practical, beautiful and safest crib, changing station, toys and accessories. Maybe you are reading up on birth stories and choosing the best hospital to give birth in. Perfect! Practical preparation is important, but unfortunately not enough.

Although practical preparation gives us the feeling of being in control and ready for what’s to come, it is proven not to be the best predictor for a smooth postpartum experience. 

Did you know that what really determines how happy you feel once your baby is born is not the practical but the emotional preparation for parenthood?

Unfortunately most prenatal courses and resources for parents still mainly focus on the physical and logistical practicalities of giving birth. They are limited to everything that can happen just until your baby is born. This is all very important, but it’s not nearly enough. 

Only focusing on the practical preparation creates the incorrect belief that giving birth is the finish line where all worries stay behind. As if the moment your baby lands in your arms is the medal you receive after the marathon you ran.  Unfortunately, this idea of the “and they lived happily ever after”-ending can’t be further away from the truth. Most of the worries you feel during pregnancy might dissolve when you hold your healthy baby, however, after birth you’ll be faced with new kinds of worries.

Parenthood is an incredible and beautiful experience, but the road you’re about to take is a bumpy one.

What every expectant parent does need is a proper preparation for parenthood itself and space to process the whirlwind of emotions you go through before, during and after childbirth. As an expectant parent you need to become aware of your expectations, strengths, limitations and emotional personality. Only then you can start planning and creating coping strategies for the exciting and challenging period to come.

the benefit of emotional preparation

Preparing for motherhood is more than googling questions, listing to the advice of others and reading books. In our prenatal course we’ll help you personalize all this information and learn how to apply it to your particular situation.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a personalized parenthood plan that includes:


  • Realistic expectations of the 4thtrimester
  • Self-knowledge and understanding of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Communication skills to constructively interact with yourself and your loved ones
  • Personalised coping strategies you can fall back on when it gets tough.
  • A reliable support system for when you need help

Clarity on culture and values you want to focus on as new family

how we help you prepare

Prenatal Preparation Course

Learn from perintal professionals and meet other pregnant parents. In this prenatal course you'll create a personalised plan to deal with the overwhlem and newness of welcoming the baby to your family. We'll help you become a mom that sincerely enjoys motherhood.

Our prenatal preparation course for pregnant parents is an all-round training program where you will learn everything you need to start your parenthood journey on the right foot . There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we focus on your unique situation and personality. This program provides the space and stimulating environment so you can learn what’s the best strategy for you and your family. We want you to firstly take care of yourself, while taking care of others.  Be the healthy and happy mother and partner your whole family will benefit from. 

During the prenatal course you’ll be surrounded by other expecting parents and incredible perinatal professionals. The group conversations with a pre-set topic are facilitated by both our psychotherapist and our life coach. They ask stimulating questions that will make you think while making sure you’re truly listened to by all group members. As we aim to offer you the most qualitative course possible, we also invite experts to share their specific expertise in the sessions’ topic. The input and support you’ll get from the other mothers, our mental health professionals and the experts is exactly what you need to understand yourself better and prepare your whole family for welcoming the new baby into your lifes. 

While participating in our prenatal preparation course you’ll: 

Laura Vanderputten Life Coach

Personalized tools to deal with your new reality

Uniquely tailored skills to emotionally nurture yourself and your loved once 

How to prioritise self-care



What you’re expecting 

What  clues to look out for to signal that it’s time for some self-care

What is indispensable for your own and family’s emotional well-being

Laura Vanderputten Life Coach


Doubts & Questions





Expertise information

Tips & tricks

As a parent that feels good in your skin and feels prepared for the challenges of parenthood, you will be able to:


  • Create a healthy connection with your baby
  • Nurture your relationships with partner, friends and family
  • Constructively manage stress and friction
  • Confidently rely on yourself to deal with the unknown
  • Feel comfortable to ask for the right help when necessary
  • Easily navigate between the different roles you’ll adopt as a parent, partner, friend, individual, etc. 



Does this sound good to you?

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the nitty gritty of the course details

  • professional emotional guidance in group for expecting mothers
  • preparation, awareness and practical tools to take home
  • a safe & intimate space to share experience, expectations and emotions (max 6 participants)
  • information about existing perinatal support
  • private online platform for continuous support from participants and professionals
  • easy access to reach everyone who could benefit  (low rates + different formats)

Grow Parents’ Prenatal Course is created for expecting parents who are looking for emotional and social guidance to positively and constructively step into the parenthood experience. All english speaking pregnant moms, dads and partners are welcome.

We chose to use group sessions as our vehicle to help you prepare for parenthood. We believe we learn most and feel most understood when surrounded by peers and trained professionals. The meetings are guided group conversations between expectant parents, conducted by both our psychotherapist as our life coach. Additionally, a specialist in each week’s topic is invited to participate. Each session focuses on a specific topic related to common emotional challenges that arise throughout parenthood. Take a look at the topics down below. Read more about our team members and experts here

Each session starts off with an introduction of the session’s topic and is followed by a guided conversation where each participant can, but doesn’t have to, share their experiences and emotions regarding the weekly topic. Participants can support each other, while both our psychotherapist and life coach will facilitate the group dynamic. They will help you create awareness and space by asking inspiring and mind-opening questions. On top of that, an expert in the week’s topic will offer his/her expertise.

We know pregnant bodies have particular needs, so at the in-person course we offer comfortable seating. Also snacks, water and tea are offered before, during and after the sessions to satisfy those pregnant bellies.

We offer 4 different course formats that are all arranged differently. Each of them include the same content, tools, and professionals.




In person


Weekly online sessions of 1,5 hours

Weekly in-person sessions of 1,5 hours

Weekend intensive

4 online morning sessions of 2,5 hours each – divided into two weekends

4 in-person morning sessions of 2,5 hours each – divided into two weekends

Check out our agenda (link) for more info.

All weekly topics are related to emotional challenges that commonly arise throughout pregnancy and parenthood. They range from 

  • dealing with physical changes and body image
  • finding time for self-care
  • normalizing thoughts and feelings
  • shifts in relationships
  • the influence of a multicultural environment on parenting
  • coping with opinions of others
  • navigating personal, professional and family roles
  • and much more 

Topics can change slightly per course. Check our agenda for more details.


Our previous participants said:

“I attended the pregnant parents meetings while pregnant with my second and I cannot recommend it enough! As it wasn’t my first pregnancy, I was skeptical as to how much I would get out of it but I was pleasantly surprised! These meetings are unique and much more useful than the typical “preparación al parto” classes I attended when pregnant with my first. You explore topics that a new mom wouldn’t have anticipated otherwise until one goes through it. Being prepared would definitely have eased the journey with my first.” Cindy Pang

“This is my fourth pregnancy and if I learned one thing is that every birth brings new surprises. This is going to be my last child, so I wanted to make sure I could enjoy this last newborn period to the max. I have discovered so many things about myself and my family dynamics throughout this course. I wish I had this knowledge before. Now I truly feel ready to face the unknown challenges and joyful moments this 4th child will bring. This course actually did prepare me to deal with the unknown and was an indispensable investment for my whole family. My 4th hasn’t arrived yet and we already feel the benefits from the course. Thank you Laura and Amy for this incredible gift.” 

Madison Kanapel 

what other parents have said

Let's establish, once and for all, that emotional preparation for parenthood is possible and extremely necessary.

We invited parents to look back at their early parenthood experience and asked them if they felt prepared. These were some of their answers:

“I should have looked for support before birth, because the transition into motherhood was hard and lonely. And the extra support would have made all the difference. Also, I wish I had made a list of house cleaners, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants and doctors, because when I was stressed and sleep deprived it was hard to find those things when I needed them.”

“I wish I was better prepared for all the challenges becoming a dad meant, because my life changed more than I expected it to. I had this whole expectation of pregnancy and parenthood, but nothing went as planned.”

“I honestly didn’t know how much sleep I would miss and how it would affect my emotions and reactions. I wish I had strategies to deal with it without damaging the relationships with my partner, friends and family.”

“I’d tell any parent the most important part of the whole parenting thing would be making sure to have a solid postpartum plan and illness plan in place, just in case…”

“I’d tell my younger pregnant self my plans and ideas are cute, but life and mother nature are going to do what they do anyway. I’d say I would need to speak up for myself because most people will ask about the baby and not about me. Taking care of a baby takes immense physical, emotional and mental strength.”

“ Nothing went like I had planned/dreamed about. I wish I could have found a way to just roll with it and not get upset or down when things didn’t go to plan,… because they never did! This is my second pregnancy and I’m only starting to grasp this wisdom.”


“If only I would allow myself to mentally not be ok and believe it would get better. Being a parent is the best job in the world and I love it, but man it was tough in the beginning.”


“I did not listen to my intuition enough. I also didn’t totally realise life would never be the same again. And I wish I had made sure my relationship was stronger because it was tough with our new baby.”


“I wish I could feel like it was ok to not love being pregnant. After IVF I was so excited to be pregnant, but I struggled the whole pregnancy. I judged myself for not enjoying it, which only made me more sick. I wish someone teached me I could still be a good mother even when I wasn’t glowing nor happy all the time.”

“If only I’d realized being pregnant for the third time wouldn’t make me an expert and I wouldn’t automatically know everything. Every pregnancy and baby is different. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time comparing.”


“How the first year of my baby would have been different had I known I didn’t need to be perfect to be a good mom.”


“I thought my mental health would improve over time, but taking care of my baby was extremely difficult when I had periods I needed to sleep 18 hours a day in order to function. I did what I could, but if we’re talking about time travel I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t change anything. I definitely would have asked for professional support right from the beginning instead of trying to hide and suppress it.”


“I didn’t know having a baby could be this horrible. I always assumed it would be a lovely and beautiful time. If only I had known how difficult it could be, then maybe I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.”


“I had no idea my emotions would be on steroids after birth, so I wasn’t prepared to feel everything 1000X stronger than I’d normally feel.” 


“It took me a while to understand it was my child; not my family’s or grandparents’. I received so much unsolicited advice it was driving me nuts. I learned how to do selective research and trust myself enough.”

“Newborns are not necessarily good sleepers. I learned it’s ok – and even common – to think “wtf have I done”. The time does go quickly and it were the best – mixed with the worst – moments of my life. I was pushed past my limits. I learned later I needed to take time for myself and not feel guilty for it.”

“Had I only understood sooner that people on facebook and instagram only pretend to have it all together. And even if they don’t try to hide the difficult parts, the pictures are only one second snapshots of a far larger picture.”


“Life as a parent ain’t always easy, happy, blissful or structured. And that’s ok. Because while you lay in bed hating yourself for whatever you did or did not do, your kid(s) lay in bed thinking how great their mom is.” 


“ I wish I’d only known that baby blues, postpartum depression and anxiety can randomly hit at any time during the first year-ish, even if I didn’t get it right away.”


“Had I known postpartum is for life and not just the 4th trimester I would have had more patience and understanding with my slowly recuperating body. It had changed forever and I needed to adapt my strategies to reach the goals I had set up for myself.”


“I wish I had always simply loved myself, no matter what. It got hard and sometimes I felt like giving up. But knowing all of these things are normal helped me understand I wasn’t a bad parent for feeling them. Now I know that as a parent you are a human that is going through the biggest changes of your life and these feelings won’t stay forever. “


“I’d love to tell my younger self to trust my gut because it was always right. Even when other people were telling me I was wrong.”


“I didn’t know I would never be alone again after I had my baby. I should have advocated for myself sooner and asked for help. Now I know how to navigate through it, but it took me a while to find my feet.”


“I should have learned much more about the postpartum aspect of becoming a mother. It’s like I had prepared for the wedding but not for the marriage. I’d tell any pregnant mother to prepare for motherhood, not just for the birth.”

our unique approach

Our course is not just a prenatal course. We actually prepare you for the uncensored emotionally-charged parenthood experience to make sure you'll enjoy the beautiful and bumpy journey.

Are you still in doubt if this course is for you? Let us tell you what makes us different from other courses. 

  • We don’t offer a premade syllabus with general one-fit-all solutions. We actually want to hear what your doubts and questions are. We first want to get to know you so we can guide you to the solutions that are most suitable for your unique situation.
  • Our course is not a one-way street where we tell you what to do. It’s more like a complicated but well organized crossroad where we combine individual, peer and professional input and mold it into a clear and smooth road ahead. 
  • The facilitators don’t try to be experts in everything. They know their strengths as mental health professionals and fill in the blanks by inviting experts in the perinatal field who have a more specialized training.
  • Although practical information is welcome in our course, we prefer to mainly focus on the emotional impact of motherhood. We believe an emotional resilient mother will know where to find practical information and will know how to apply it to her particular situation. 
  • The support you’ll get is not limited to the sessions. We create a private online platform for each group of participants so we can check up on each other during and after the course.  And once your babies are welcomed into the outside world, you’re welcome to keep sharing experiences and asking questions on the private online platform. Like this we aim to support you throughout the entire early motherhood experience. 
  • We want you to learn to be flexible. We’ll dream together and will remind you to stay open for whatever happens on the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Because it will never be quite as you thought it would be. Motherhood-textbook doesn’t exist. We’re here to help you write your own story as it develops.

Are you ready to start preparing?  Take a look at our next courses and sign up now!

Facilitators and Experts

Laura Vanderputten 

Social worker & Life Coach

Founder & CEO of Nurture to Grow

Laura is the founder of Nurture to Grow and a mother of 2 energetic toddlers. In addition to running  the company, she participates in the Grow Parents’ Projects as a social worker and life coach. She is passionate about helping parents (re)connect with themselves and their own integral well-being so they can be the nurturing person, parent and partner they truly are. 



Amy Temple 

Psychotherapist (Counselling Madrid)

Amy is a trained existential psychotherapist, mother of two young boys, and bonus-mom to a teenage girl. She has years of experience in family dynamics and special needs. She makes sure we hold the space for our parents’ emotions and gives them the breathing room to just be, while graciously guiding them through their difficult situations.

External Experts

In addition to our internal team, we also invite professionals with a specific expertise that’s applicable to the subject of the activity. At Grow Parents we want to make sure each participant gets a qualitative and useful service that is worth the investment of your time and energy. All experts participate voluntarily and with tons of passionate dedication. We are extremely grateful for each and every one of these amazing and beautiful human beings who provide specialist knowledge to help you on your parenthood journey. Their support and participation make it possible to realise our vision and create a well-rounded prenatal course.

Polly Revaliente 

Sleep Consultant

Denise Suarez 

Parenting Coach (Con Cariño)

Lucy  Allen

Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Trainer (The bump)


Nurse & Natural birthing midwife (One to One Dr. Ana suarez)

Belen Chocano 

Midwife and pediatric nurse (Bel & Mums)

Mariana Legaki 

Family therapist and child & adolescent psychologist

Javier de Domingo 

Perinatal Psychologist

Bex Laufer 

Psychologist, Sex coach and Sexological bodyworker

Madison Kannapel

Pre and Postpartum Doula

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