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Personal growth through life coaching


Life Coach

laura vanderputten

Laura is a social worker and certified life coach. She is specialised in personal growth and interpersonal communication. She is a mom of two amazing kids.



  • is passionate about communication.
  • believes both inner and interpersonal conversations are at the base of a person’s well-being.
  • helps clients understand how their inner communication affects the outcome of their lives.
  • inspires her clients to create awareness of their own identity, story and truth. Knowing who they are will help them identify what is missing to move forward and reach their goals.
  • offers a warm and nurturing environment for individuals and groups, online and in person (Madrid). The sessions can be held in English, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese.


What inner dialogues are you having? And how do these dialogues affect your outer relationships?


Schedule a free intake session and discover how your thoughts create the life you live in.


Schedule a free intake session