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Nurture to grow

Parent Community cultivating emotional and mental well-being of new and growing families

We create constructive dialogues amongst mothers, fathers, family members and professionals to assure every parent finds their own empowering strategies to deal with the emotional rollercoaster called parenthood.

The overwhelm of parenthood

Welcoming a new baby into a family is a turbulent journey with a huge emotional impact  for everyone involved. 

The excitement starts with a positive pregnancy test and keeps on growing while anticipating and preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Once the baby is born and parents step into the postpartum experience, they often feel unprepared for the new and unexpected issues that come up. The reality rarely matches their expectations and self-doubt starts to creep in. The opinions and expertise from well-intended loved ones and professionals often cause even more confusion and insecurities. Frustration and disappointment increases for everyone involved. 

Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, this is very normal. You are not alone, our parent community is here to help. But first, let’s understand what’s going on. 

There’s a lack of attention, support and resources for parents while dealing with the emotional challenges of parenthood.

Nowadays information and preparatory courses are mainly focused on the physical and practical challenges parents go through during pregnancy and birth. Somehow, these courses don’t prepare mothers and fathers for the purely emotional impact of parenthood. Although parents see perinatal professionals periodically at mom’s postpartum check ups and baby’s pediatric visits, doctors usually don’t ask about the emotional well-being of the newly formed family. Whether this is because of time pressure or not understanding the importance of this kind of support, there’s an urgent need to develop a more integral postpartum care for the whole family. 

Let’s open the dialogue and work together to make sure every parent feels supported and finds their tribe.

Our parent community to the rescue

At Grow Parents, our goal is to ensure parents get the emotional support they so desperately need during the early stages of parenthood.

Dialogue and communication are crucial to normalizing the emotional challenges every mother and father goes through during the early stages of parenthood. Every parent should have the space and safety to express their authentic experiences and get the  support they need. In order for this to happen, there must be an open, honest, inclusive, and judgement-free dialogue amongst families and professionals. We want to make sure no parent feels the need to downplay or hide their difficulties. They say you need a village to raise a child, so let’s create an incredible one together. With the right support, we make sure every child can count on the emotional availability of the most important people in their lives: their parent(s). 


Not only do we stimulate constructive dialogues in our courses for expectant and new parents, but we also help professionals understand how they can include this emotional support while offering their professional expertise to parents. 


Whether you are an expectant mom, a dad, a partner, a new parent, an already-parent, in the process of adopting a baby, a perinatal professional or a family member of a parent,  our Grow Parents’ services were developed with all of you in mind. It’s up to all of us to support the integral well-being of new parents so they can nurture their new baby and thrive as a family. 

Our vision is to build a parent community where each and everyone of us can openly and constructively ask questions, express doubts, feel understood, share experiences, use tools, and learn skills to unitedly create positive and enjoyable parenthood experiences.

Check out all of our programs to find out how we can help your situation

The benefit of all-around parent support

Together we can support parents when they most need it.

Through a strong and safe parent community with a focus on emotional well-being of the whole family, we focus on:

  • Normalizing emotional difficulties and doubts
  • Stimulating positive parent-baby attachment 
  • Boosting satisfying relationships 
  • Eliminating parental isolation and offering a tribe to every parent
  • Guaranteeing space for self-care as a parent
  • Refocusing parents attention towards their own voice and canceling out other’s opinions
  • Preventing and detecting postpartum mental health issues in both moms and dads, and helping the whole family to enjoy the overall parenthood experience 

Imagine how incredible it would be for all mothers and fathers to feel confident and supported while navigating the unknown journey of parenthood.

Yes, parents also need love to grow

Become part of our Grow Parents’ Community and get the mental and emotional skills to create a thriving parenthood experience.

This program goes by the name “Grow Parents”, because just as your baby needs time to grow, parents also go through a learning curve when entering parenthood. And as we all know, learning always comes with doubts and challenges. This kind of emotional distress is often pushed aside because of culture and busy lives, which causes more harm than necessary. Grow Parents aims to create a safe space where together we can guide parents in finding their feet, taking care of themselves and confidently navigating the unknown journey of parenthood.

Take a look at our services and find out what we can help you with.

Our services for the whole tribe

Grow Parents Projects:

Prenatal Preparation Course for Pregnant Mothers

Prepare your toolkit to thrive as a family: learn practical skills, tailored to your unique situation, to deal with the emotional and mental challenges of parenthood. 

Grow Parents’ Prenatal Course is facilitated by specialized mental-health professionals and experts in the perinatal field. This preparative course brings moms-to-be together to share doubts, expectations and experiences while learning skills and tools to be prepared for all the wonders and challenges of becoming a mother.

The Prenatal Preparation Course will help you:

  • Create awareness of your current expectations, needs and wishes 
  • Prepare yourself with a personalised plan to deal with the overwhelm and newness of becoming a parent (again)
  • Learn tools to take care of your own needs and your family’s overall well-being while taking care of your new baby
  • Understand the unexpected factors of adding a new baby to the family and discover how to constructively deal with them
  • Adopt strategies to nurture your existing relationships while building a new one with your baby

Learn more about how we can help you prepare to become a mom that sincerely enjoys motherhood.

Postpartum Moms Group

Find connection, understanding and community with other new moms and professionals, while learning personalised skills and tools to deal with the emotional impact of the many challenges early parenthood brings. 

Our Moms Group will help you become a resilient mother that:

    • Feels super connected to your baby and your partner
    • Knows how to identify personal needs and create space for self-care
    • Feels confident about the parental decisions you take
    • Understands that whatever difficulty you are facing is completely normal
  • Copes constructively with the inevitable motherhood challenges

We can’t promise you it won’t be hard, confusing or lonely at times, but when you come to our moms group you can learn how to pick yourself up when down and continue learning and growing into the best mother you can be. 

1:1 coaching for mothers, fathers and couples

When group sessions don’t feel comfortable to you or you need more specific support, individual sessions might be more interesting for you. Our life coach offers one-on-one sessions for mothers, partners and couples. 

In the individual sessions, you’ll be able to choose what you want to focus on, while taking the lead on the depth and speed of the work you’ll do together. All tools and methods are personalized to your particular needs. Book your free orientation session here, or click on the following links to read more about how the 1:1 and couple sessions can benefit your situation.

We have more Grow Parents’ Projects growing and waiting to be born in 2021! 




One-off Talks and Workshops 


Couple skills course for parents 


Training for Perinatal Professionals


Partners group (dad, second mom, friend, mother-in-law, grand-mother,…) 


“Such an important service for new parents. Both pregnancy and postpartum can be challenging and lonely at times, particularly if you are an expat living far from your friends and family. Grow Parents provides a safe space to share your struggles and ask for advice, as well as the chance to make friends with other parents. The organisers Laura and Amy manage to be warm and welcoming whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism. A really valuable service for parents and perinatal professionals!”

Mother of a toddler girl and perinatal professional from U.K.


“Laura and Amy are amazingly warm and friendly from the first moment you meet them. I definitely recommend Grow Parents. […] Not only do they provide an open and inviting atmosphere, they also provide valuable resources for new families.”

Julie – new mother


“Grow Parents is an invaluable support group for both new and experienced parents. In a world where there is too much information and contradictory advice, Grow Parents is a safe place to work out your own parenting style, not only with others in the same position as you, but also with professionals who want to guide you on your journey as a parent rather than tell you how it is done. Amy and Laura are incredibly welcoming, warm and friendly, you sense their professionality and also their drive to help others. Post partum can often feel lonely and overwhelming, especially with the current situation and Grow Parents is a unique place to find holistic advice for you, your baby and life.”

  Polly Revaliente -sleep consultant and mother of 3

our multidisciplinary team

Grow Parents’ Team:

All of our team members and experts are either parents themselves or are extremely experienced in working with and for parents.

Internal Team Members

Coach - Nurture to Grow - Laura, Laura Vanderputten Life Coach

Laura Vanderputten

Social worker & Life Coach

Founder & CEO of Nurture to Grow


Laura is the founder of Nurture to Grow and a mother of 2 energetic toddlers. In addition to running  the company, she participates in the Grow Parents’ Projects as a social worker and life coach. She is passionate about helping parents (re)connect with themselves and their own integral well-being so they can be the nurturing person, parent and partner they truly are.

Amy Temple

Psychotherapist (Counselling Madrid)


Amy is a trained existential psychotherapist, mother of two young boys, and bonus-mom to a teenage girl. She has years of experience in family dynamics and special needs. She makes sure we hold the space for our parents’ emotions and gives them the breathing room to just be, while graciously guiding them through their difficult situations.

External Experts

In addition to our internal team, we also invite professionals with a specific expertise that’s applicable to the subject of the activity. At Grow Parents we want to make sure each participant gets a qualitative and useful service that is worth the investment of your time and energy. All experts participate voluntarily and with tons of passionate dedication. We are extremely grateful for each and every one of these amazing and beautiful human beings who provide specialist knowledge to help you on your parenthood journey. Their support and participation make it possible to realise our vision and create a well-rounded parent community.

Polly Revaliente

Sleep Consultant

Denise Suarez

Parenting Coach (Con Cariño)

Lucy Allen

Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Trainer (The bump)


Nurse & Natural birthing midwife (One to One Dr. Ana Suarez)

Belen Chocano 

Midwife and pediatric nurse (Bel & Mums)

Mariana Legaki 

Family therapist and child & adolescent psychologist

Javier de Domingo 

Perinatal Psychologist

Bex Laufer 

Psychologist, Sex coach and Sexological bodyworker

Madison Kannapel

Pre and Postpartum Doula

Supportive Partners & Collaborators

Scheduled courses and groups

Due to covid-19 the courses are being redesigned to an online format and soon will be published.


Have a question or suggestion you’d like to share with the Grow Parents’ team? We are incredibly grateful to you for putting your trust in us, and we care about the integral well-being of you and your family. Please fill out the contact form below or contact us directly via mail, phone or whatsapp. We are here to listen and help out!

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