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Nurture to Grow presents

Reconnecting Couples

Relationship Coaching & Workshops.

Reconnecting Couples through Coaching & Training

couple coaching sessions and workshops to boost your relationship

what to expect

Revitalize Your Relationship with Grow Couples Coaching!

Discover a transformative journey at Grow Couples, where we specialize in elevating relationships through personalized coaching sessions. Our commitment is to provide a neutral haven for couples, enabling them to comprehend individual needs and seamlessly integrate them into their unique circumstances.

Our approach involves delving into the narrative from three crucial perspectives: “Partner A,” “Partner B,” and “the relationship” itself. Each perspective comes with distinct needs, triggers, and subjective experiences, all of which greatly benefit from alignment and mutual understanding. In a safe and open setting, our coach mediates and supports the growth of your relationship, applying the relevant tools and assessments to enhance your unique journey.

At Nurture to Grow, we don’t believe in the notion of a one-size-fits-all solution. In our couple coaching sessions, we use your story as our north star. Drawing from years of experience and an extensive toolkit, our coach tailors their guidance to the specific context and needs of each couple.

If this resonates with you, we’d feel honoured to embark on a personalised path towards your relationship’s well-being.

a word from the couple coach

” Hello and thank you for considering me as your relationship coach. I want to take a moment to express why I am so passionate about this work. Witnessing couples embark on a journey of intentional growth and connection is nothing short of beautiful to me. It’s heartening to see two individuals commit their time and energy to enhancing their relationship and joined well-being.

In the realm of couple coaching, two people step into a space where they collaboratively strive for a shared vision of a stronger, more fulfilling partnership. Together, we navigate through obstacles and delve into sensitive subjects. I am continually inspired by the courage these couples display as they open themselves up, revealing vulnerability in pursuit of a deeper connection. Witnessing the evolution from conflict to understanding, from resentment to empathy, and from separation to profound connection is truly rewarding.

What makes this journey so profound is its potential for transformation, not just in fostering connection but also in providing a space for couples to navigate endings with grace and understanding. If you find yourself at a crossroads, considering the option of parting ways, know that this, too, is a valid and essential aspect of our work together. I am here to support you through the complexities of untangling a relationship, ensuring that the process is one of understanding, mutual respect, and closure.

Being a part of this transformative process, whether it leads to a strengthened bond or a respectful separation, is a privilege that I hold dear.  It is my sincere belief that, through our work together, your relationship can undergo a journey of growth, resilience, and, if needed, a thoughtful and amicable parting.

I have been guiding couples, family members, coworkers and friends for many years now, and my passion for this work keeps on growing. If you’d like to know more about me, you can do a deep dive on me on this page

I hope to hear from you, it would be my absolute pleasure to accompany you in your relationship’s journey. 

With Love, 

Laura Vanderputten “

practical info

We offer one-off sessions and packages of 3, 5 or 10 sessions.

The spoken language can be in Dutch, English, Spanish or Portuguese

Our coaching sessions are held in person (Cascais / Lisbon) and online. 


Free exploratory session

Want to get a feel of what a session might look like and make sure we’re a good match?

We invite you to arrange a free exploratory session to chat with our Couple Coach, Laura Vanderputten. No strings attached, we promise!

*At the moment our exploratory sessions are exclusively held via an online zoom or phone call, but we’re hoping to be able to move to a bigger space soon and meet you in person from the get go!

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