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WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION – You can access all the content while we work on the appearance of the website. We apologise for any inconvenience! 

why personal growth?

We believe a nurturing environment is essential for real long-term personal growth.

Growth is a necessary part of life. Without growth, we don’t survive. We need to experiment, learn, and adapt in order to deal productively with each new situation we encounter. Failure can be painful but it can also be transformed into growth by facing it, dealing with it, and learning from it. To do this well, it’s vital to have a nurturing environment where you can freely reflect on what worked and what might need some adaptation. In other words: when you have a safe judgment-free space and feel comfortable to work through the pain and discomfort, a failure becomes an opportunity to grow.

Without a nourishing environment we still develop ourselves, but on the long-haul we don’t actually resolve any problem. When we don’t feel safe we need to develop tools, habits, and defense mechanisms to guarantee our survival. Although it’s a great short-term solution, it mainly causes problems in the long-run. These tools may have been useful when they were created, but later in life they end up redundant and not helpful at all. In fact, they stand in the way of our personal growth. With all the extra layers they create, these defense mechanisms block out the access to our true inner self. They might show up as self-doubt, criticism, judgment, avoidance, restlessness, anxiety and/or depression.

how we nurture

To eliminate these unnecessary protective mechanisms, you need to be able to feel safe enough to open yourself up and be vulnerable. That's where we come in...

Nurture to Grow is a collective that creates the ideal circumstances for sustainable growth in each program we develop. We are a united front with the common goal of providing a nurturing environment to help you grow. Our multidisciplinary team members work closely together to offer an integral service to each client no matter your struggles or circumstances. Whether you’re a parent, coach, student, professional, expat, couple or individual, we have both group and individual coaching options to help you and your situation

To us nurturing means protecting you from your own obstacles and helping you develop resilience, while fully respecting, accepting and cherishing who you are and what you believe in.












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our core values

While nurturing you, we equally honour our collective's core values:

Compassion & Empathy

Everybody deserves the best care and sincere understanding of who they are and what they are going through. We offer compassion and empathy to all of our clients, while also extending it to our colleagues and to ourselves. 


Honesty, Transparency & Authenticity

Being authentic keeps our hearts and minds free from doubt and aligned with our own identity. Our goal is to make you feel completely comfortable to be yourself. We believe this is only possible when we show our true colors as well. We are not perfect, so we don’t expect you to be perfect either. We vow to keep open and non-violent communication with you to make sure we’re still aligned and on the right track.


Respect & Integrity

We choose to act and react with respect and integrity. We make sure to stay true to our values, while also respecting the beliefs of our clients and partners.  A healthy relationship should always be built on mutual acceptance of who we truly are. Only then we can create a judgment-free environment where long-term personal growth can take place. 


Commitment & Dedication

Commitment is being brave enough to not give up and stay present. We are dedicated to tackling complex problems with trial and error, until we find the long-term solution, specifically tailored to you, our client. We also expect you to commit to your own coaching process and personal growth. Coaching is a guide to get you wherever you’d like to go, and if you want that result, you have to be willing to show up and do the work.

Real & Down-to-earth

We are not here to promise you the world, nor do we expect you to do more than you can. Creating realistic expectations of ourselves and others is key to building resilience. We know that it’s normal for fairy-tail assumptions to creep in, so together we can work to adapt those over-the-top expectations to reality. We believe in dreaming and having a vision,as long as we stay down-to-earth, do the work, and have the patience to build and grow while enjoying the journey towards those ideal goals. 

How we coach

We coach with a nourishing approach

Nurture to Grow’s approach is to empower you, our client, to make decisions on your own. We are not the type of coaches that you need to work with for years and years on end because you can’t do it without us. We stimulate you to build resilience and self-sufficiency so you learn to do it yourself.

Whatever problem you’re experiencing, our coaching approach focuses on giving you tools to face it on your own.  Not only will coaching help you with the specific problem we tackle in coaching, you’ll also be able take these tools into your personal relationships, your marriage, your family relationships, your career, and any situation that comes up in the future. You’ll be able to use your newly acquired skills to help you in any area of your life, at any given moment.

We guide you towards this independence by meeting you wherever you are in your journey.

– We’ll ask stimulating questions so you develop a better understanding of yourself, of others, and of your circumstances. 

– We’ll mirror and challenge you so you can break though your old habits and defense mechanisms

– We’ll offer exercises and resources so you can learn how to apply your newly adopted insights to your life. 

– We’ll create space for you to sort out and listen to your thoughts and feelings. 

– We’ll help you think of actionable steps to take and try out to get closer to your ideal goal. 

– We’ll celebrate your “failures” and transform them into opportunities to learn and grow. 

Real, long-term personal growth requires a shared responsibility between you and your coach.

Coaching – or any other kind of professional help – is not a guarantee for successful change. Although our coaches will commit to guiding and supporting you to create the changes you would like to obtain, the actual work has to be done by you, the client. Your success rate will depend on:

– how honest you can be with yourself and your coach

– how open you are towards new insights and mental shifts

– how committed you are to actually applying what you’ve learned and discovered in your coaching session

Working on personal growth is not for everybody.  If you really want to see the results and feel better about yourself and your circumstances, you’ll have to put in the effort. The key to a growth mindset is understanding that your results mostly depend on effort, rather than intelligence or talent. It’s not always going to be easy to work through the difficulties, but with dedication and effort, it will pay off. When you commit to going all-in with a coach, you’re going to develop tools and skills that will be with you for the rest of your life. You’ll gain a toolkit of mental resources to help you handle both the current situation that you are struggling with, as well as every situation that you’ll be confronted with down the line.


Our Programs

Nurture to Grow's Coaching Programs

Nurture to Grow embodies several coaching programs, all of which aim to encourage personal growth within a caring and respectful environment. We nurture your uniqueness so you can grow into the ideal version of yourself and become truly resilient.

Stimulating parents’ emotional well-being through pre- and postpartum services

Personal Development & Identity Coaching for individuals

Building new coaches’ confidence and skills

Building new coaches’ confidence and skills

Our Team

Meet our multidisciplinary team

Being part of Nurture to Grow is our way of investing in people with the ultimate goal of cultivating a more nourishing society. To do so, we believe we can obtain more by fusing our multidisciplinary skills and energies. We work with, beside and for each other, while frequently looking inwards to make sure the collective stays aligned with the original dream and intent. “Staying open, curious, exploring and adapting” is the mindset we adopt to continuously grow and learn in order to qualitatively serve our clients in the most effective way possible. Although we each have our own specialities and strengths, we all offer a deeply nurturing approach so you can grow into your unique self. 

Coach - Nurture to Grow - Laura, Laura Vanderputten Life Coach

Laura Vanderputten

Founder and Life Coach (PCC)

Belgian with Brazilian influences.

Laura is a social worker, a life coach and a mom of two amazing kiddos. She’s passionate about self-discovery and personal growth, as she believes it’s key to living a fulfilling life. Her mission is to help others understand themselves through and through, so they can adapt to life’s circumstances while remaining faithful to their own essence. 

When Laura is not working, you can find her playing with her kids, walking on the beach or going for a coffee with friends and family. Although she likes to be surrounded by people, she prefers one-on-one conversations over big group events.

At Nurture to Grow, she is involved as a life coach in Grow Yourself, Grow Couples and Grow Parents.

Laura Vanderputten Life Coach

Amy Temple



Amy is an existential psychotherapist, the mother to two incredible boys. Besides working at Nurture to Grow, she attends to her private clients through her blooming practice. Amy constantly creates space to hold the emotions and feelings of everyone she meets. Her warm heart and unlimited kindness makes every program she works on a million times more beneficial to our clients. Acceptance and curiosity are her go-to’s when things get tough. 

When Amy’s not working, she’s probably enjoying time with her kids, walking in nature with the dog or spending time with friends and family.

At Nurture to Grow, she is involved as a psychotherapist in Grow Yourself and Grow Parents.

Coach - Nurture to Grow - Niamh

Niamh Mitchell

Life Coach (PCC)


Niamh is a life and grief coach and mother to a sweet little dog. She’s the friend everyone should have: reliable, accepting, responsable, warm and incredibly strong. As a professional she’s fantastic at understanding her clients, asking the right questions and facilitating sustainable change. She knows better than anyone how to balance pushing you out of your comfort zone with creating space for just being and observing. 

When Niamh [pronounced as “Neeve”] is not working, she’s traveling, reading or enjoying nature by herself or with her partner and her dog Max.

At Nurture to Grow, she is involved as a life coach in Grow Yourself and as a mentor coach in Grow Coach.

Testimonial - Nurture to Grow - Denise

Denise Suarez

Parent Coach


Denise is a parent coach and a mom of two kids. When her daughter was born and she was placed in Denise’s arms, the first though that came to mind was: “What do I do now?!” Nowadays she has a clear idea of the type of parent that she wants to be. Although she still has her doubts (because what parent doesn’t?), she knows deep down that what she’s doing is aligned with her inner self. As a parenting coach, she helps you identify your parenting identity. 

When Denise is not working, you can find her enjoying her kids, playing in nature, doing something creative or participating in a group event with likeminded people. 

At Nurture to Grow, she is involved as a life coach in Grow Yourself and as a Parent Coach in Grow Parents. 


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