Postpartum Moms group (6 sessions)

360,00 (inc. 21% VAT)

Find connection, understanding and community with other new moms and professionals, while learning personalised skills and tools to deal with the emotional impact of the many challenges early parenthood brings.

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Our Moms Group will help you become a resilient mother that:

  • Feels super connected to your baby and your partner
  • Knows how to identify personal needs and create space for self-care
  • Feels confident about the parental decisions you take
  • Understands that whatever difficulty you are facing is completely normal
  • Copes constructively with the inevitable motherhood challenges


We can’t promise you it won’t be hard, confusing or lonely at times, but when you come to our moms group you can learn how to pick yourself up when down and continue learning and growing into the best mother you can be.