Personality Quadrant

90,00 (inc. 21% VAT)

The Core Quadrant, designed by Daniel Ofman, is an incredibly efficient tool to understand yourself better. It helps you discover your core qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies.

You’ll get a better understanding of where your own behaviours and thoughts come from. As a result you’ll be able to transform your pitfalls into qualities and strengths. Once you’ve used this tool you’ll be able to repeatedly use it by yourself whenever and as often as you’d like.

  • 1,5 hour coaching session to take you through the Core Quadrant Analysis
  • Pre-session preparation instructions with homework via e-mail
  • Post-session follow up via email or phone (15 min)
  • Online or in person
  • Valid for 1 months (starting at purchase date)
  • Includes worksheets, resources and tools
  • (external link to the work).


Discover your core personality.