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At Nurture to Grow

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Laura Vanderputten - life coach madrid


I’m Laura, the life coach and founder of Nurture to Grow. My team and I are honoured to have you here.

At Nurture to Grow we offer several coaching programs with your self-development in mind. Although each program has its own target audience, they all have the same mission to support you in your uniqueness while you find your authentic journey forward. 

I hope you find what you’re looking for, but in case you don’t – do ask us about it.  We love hearing from you! 

Always nurturing,


OUR Programs

Grow Yourself

Individual and group coaching sessions with the focus on self-development, identity, communication and resilience. All Grow Yourself services are available in Dutch, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Grow Couples

Coaching sessions and workshops for couples to boost their relationships. We offer a neutral space to understand the individual needs and integrate them into the couples’ unique circumstances.

Grow Parents

Parent community that provides workshops, groups and courses for expecting & new parents, while also educating perinatal professionals on the importance of emotional support during the parenthood journey.

Grow Coach

A spectacular program for new coaches. The unique group coaching approach allows you to develop as a coach so you can serve your clients confidently and effectively. Explore case studies and deepen your coaching skills.

We say

We believe a nurturing environment is essential for real long-term personal growth.

Nurture to Grow embodies several coaching projects, all of which aim to encourage personal development within a caring and respectful environment.

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*COVID-19 update: at the moment we only do a small selection of online courses, but we’re hoping to be able to meet you in person again soon! In the meantime we can work on a one-on-one or couple base (both in person and online).

Pre & Postpartum Support

Free exploratory session

Want to get a feel of what a session might look like and make sure we’re a good match?

We invite you to arrange a free exploratory session to chat with our Founder, Laura Vanderputten. No strings attached, we promise!

*COVID-19 update: at the moment we only do online exploratory calls, but we’re hoping to be able to meet you in person again soon! Once we pass the exploratory session and decide to work together, we can book a face to face sessions in Cascais (Portugal).


Feel free to ask us anything!

 Do you have any doubts? Or can’t find what you’re looking for? You can contact us directly or fill out our contact form below. 

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    Laura Vanderputten Life Coach
    Laura Vanderputten Life Coach
    Laura Vanderputten Life Coach
    Laura Vanderputten Life Coach
    Laura Vanderputten Life Coach