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Life coaching that inspires & encourages you to evolve. 


Nurture to Grow embodies several coaching projects, all of which aim to encourage personal development within a caring and respectful environment. We nurture your uniqueness so you can grow into the ideal version of yourself.

Our projects

Grow Parents is an emotional support group for pregnancy and new parents.
Grow Yourself offers life coaching sessions to individuals and couples.
Grow Communication inspires healthy interpersonal communication.

Becoming a parent has a huge impact on your life. It causes changes in your relationships, roles, identity, routine, body and mind. Those changes commonly cause emotional distress. Being aware of the emotional impact it has on you as a parent is key to enjoying the parenthood adventure.

Happy parents make happy kids.

Enjoy of the group dynamic in a safe space with fellow parents to listen to and share experiences while receiving support of a life coach and psychotherapist.

Is there something missing in your life? Are you not sure what it is you want? Would you like to know what direction to take and how to go forward? What is blocking you? Why don’t you feel content and satisfied?

Laura is a certified life coach specialised in personal growth and relationships. She offers sessions in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch, .Book your first session for free, without any obligations.

Do you have a difficult conversation planned but don’t know how to prepare for it? Are you having challenging and disruptive conflicts without knowing how to handle them?

Through guided coaching sessions you’ll find communicating much easier and effective. You’ll be able to bring across your ideas and needs in a clear and effective way, while guaranteeing the attention of the person you are talking to. Book your first session, free of charge now!

Talk to us

+34 692981414
Calle Fernandez de los Rios 18
Chamberi / Madrid